Cimex 48C - 19" Floor Scrubber

48C - 19" Floor Scrubber

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The Cimex 48C - 19" Floor Scrubber is capable of cleaning and polishing virtually every kind of flooring. Designed for ease of use, the machine keeps two wheels on the floor at all times making it easy to maneuver across any surface.

A complete range of floating brushes and pads are available for use with the Floor Scrubber. They cover a host of tasks from scrubbing grout lines, dimpled textures and uneven surfaces to polishing hardwood, tile and stone flooring. The machine’s belt drive allows for quiet operation, ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and schools. Non-marking wheels ensure a professional finish.

The three-headed mechanism makes the operator’s task easier as it eliminates the tendency to slide, often encountered with single headed machines. This is made possible because of our patented counter rotating system. It allows for a more thorough cleaning and greater operational control.

This product has a 1 year warranty.

    • All in one versatile scrubbing and polishing solution for any hard floor surface
    • Extended brush life with forward/reverse drive action
    • Wide variety of brushes and pads
    • Stable, non sliding system is safe and easy to use
    • Floating brush heads allow for effective cleaning of grout lines and uneven surfaces
    • Counter rotating motion makes it resistant to cable snagging
    • Solution delivery through brush center reduces splashing

Two options are available:

CR48CM - 19” three-head carpet cleaning machine with 6.5 gal. solution tank, reversing switch, and set of nylon carpet brushes (#4807) or InstaLock pad drivers (#4862)

CR48SC - 19” three-head hard floor scrubber with 6.5 gal. solution tank, reversing switch, and set of stiff poly brushes (#4804) or soft poly brushes (#4803)

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