Beige Scrub Pads

Beige Scrub Pads

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Cimex beige scrub pads are used for carpet scrubbing and light duty cleaning. The floor pads are manufactured to provide consistent performance and assure high quality results. Each of the Cimex beige scrub pads consists of a soft synthetic pad coated with a high abrasion resistant urethane coating that adds durability. The expected life of the pad is usually between 7,000 – 10,000 square feet when cleaning commercial carpet. Used with the 19" Floor Scrubber.

    • Designed for carpet scrubbing
    • Available for all machine sizes


For 38 series (15″ machines), choose 6″ pads. Box of 15 pads

For 48 series (19″ machines), choose 8″ pads. Box of 15 pads

For 61 series (24″ machines), choose 10″ pads. Box of 5 pads