White Nylon Brushes

White Nylon Brushes

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Cimex white nylon brushes - Pack of 3. These scrub brushes are safe for use on most surfaces. The white nylon brushes are available in both soft and stiff bristles. Soft bristles are gentle enough to use in encapsulation carpet cleaning. Stiff bristles offer more aggressive cleaning on hard floors with the 15" floor scrubber or the 19" floor scrubber.

Soft Brushes (carpet cleaning brush)

    • Works well with encapsulation carpet cleaning
    • This is the more common carpet cleaning brush used
    • Replaceable rubber grommets
    • Long wearing nylon filament

Stiff Brushes (heavy duty cleaning brush)

    • Can be used on direct glue commercial carpet only
    • Not suitable for residential high pile carpet containing a pad
    • It is a much more aggressive brush than the 4807 brush
    • Excellent for use on: ribbed entry mats, tile, and grout.


For 38 series (15″ machines), choose 6″ brushes.

For 48 series (19″ machines), choose 8″ brushes.

For 61 series (24″ machines), choose 10″ brushes.

For 76 series (30″ machines), choose 12″ brushes.